08W: Off the Ground

This week will see our media art projects getting off the ground. We will ‘conceptual speed-date’ and workshop ideas raised in the past two weeks. By the end of this week’s class, we should have 8 distinct groups working with 8 discrete ideas and clear directions.

Following are 8 ideas we have identified as having great potential can germinate into research projects. The names put against each are the students associated with putting forward the idea, and will be expected to lead the group:

1. Data/Digital in the Real: investigation relationship between materiality and the immaterial (Emily)

2. Finding Affect: exploring intensities in media modes (Kelly)

3. Concrete Immersion: Immersion beyond/before the VR (Faiyaz)

4. Mirroring and Identity (Trent)

5. Marshmallow Laser Feast and early projection mapping work (Chris Palmer)

6. Sensing, immersion, responsiveness and meditative: experience through new media devices (Daniel De Fillippo)

7. Figurative sound: Sonification of data and experience (Liam)

8. Future Cinemas and Critical Media

Exercise: Conceptual Speed-dating (adapted from Andrew Murphie’s instructions)

  1. The class will be divided into 2 groups of 16: “movers” and “stayers“. The stayers will be students listed above plus 9 more, with 2 associated with each of the 8 ideas.
  2. The 18 Stayers form a rough circle positioned equidistant from each other around the room. Stayers will record points raised in these discussions. (Crucial here is to ensure people have enough space to get close enough to talk. e.g. someone behind a corner of two desks can be hard to hear – it will get noisy).
  3. Movers move around the room, speaking to the stayers one on one  i.e. form a pair (no threesomes, or friendster-groups).
  4. Each stayer-mover pair will talk about the particular project idea for 3 minutes.
  5. A signal will be given for you to stop: everyone has to stop talking immediately and freeze.
  6. Then the movers will be given the signal to move on to the next stayer down the line.
  7. This will repeat until all movers have talked to all stayers. The stayers should then have copious amount of notes to take to the next stage.
  8. You should be developing the concept during repetition. You can report on the previous conversation to the next person you converse with.
  9. We then reconvene as a class to discuss.


Exercise: Mapping

  1. After we reconvene and discuss the ideas raised. Each of the 8 groups led by the two stayers in the previous exercise will start a new Prezi diagram (you will need to sign up for a free account).
  2. Based on your previous ‘speed-dating’ conversations, choose 2 others to join your team. You can invite up to 10 users to share your Prezi document. Four of you will be able to work on the same document simultaneously.
  3. Together create a multimedia graphic map of your project ideas. This will include texts that explain the idea, visual, audio, and visual references which can be directly embedded into the presentation.
  4. We will be aiming for complete maps by the end of the class to go forward.

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