10: Site Visit

UOW Grad Show 2015 works installed in TAEM Gallery in building 25

UOW Grad Show 2015 works installed in TAEM Gallery in building 25

In week 10, we will conduct a site visit in building 25 on main campus. We will take the time to look at the spaces available for your works in the Grad Show. We will also be doing technical equipment planning and project consultation.

Please meet at the TAEM Gallery in building 25 at 9am on Tuesday.

Grad Show update


Congratulations to Faiyaz, Kelly and those who helped with the Fundraiser Sausage Sizzle – raising


Thank you everyone for your support.

Install dates and plans

Install dates: Monday 21 – Wednesday 23 November 2016

Opening: Friday 25 November 2016

Possible spaces available for Media Arts:

  • Blackbox
  • Foundation Space and Courtyard
  • Ground floor corridor


Here’s a list of dmc-equipment-summary we have at the Digital Media Centre. It is possible for us to loan and transport this over to main campus. However, the larger items such as the front/rear projection screens would require paid professional services which would be additional expenses.

You need to think about what equipment you will need for your project and make this known to the technical team. The team will need to get together to allocate equipment accordingly.

Project consultation

Update your process journal/ blog with documentation of your project development so far including the last test you presented. Consult with your tutor on your project. Prepare for your next presentation for weeks 11 and 12 when we are back at the DMC.

In week 11 the following students will present:

  • Mitch, Ed, Harry V, Palmer
  • Isabel
  • Chole
  • Tommy, Lucy, Jon
  • Deniz
  • Amy
  • Liam
  • Callum
  • Britney, Emily, Sam, Jordan

In week 12 the following students will present:

  • James, CJ
  • Courtney
  • Kelly, Faiyaz
  • Daniel, Zoe
  • Madeleine
  • Stephen
  • Jason, Daniel
  • Keely

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