Assessment 1: Research Essay

Marked out of 100 – 30%

In week 4 of Spring session, we will be visiting the exhibition New Romance: Art and the Post-human at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.

Select, research, and analyse ONE work from this exhibition. Contextualise the work by referring to relevant lecture materials, tutorial activities and discussions in the first 3 weeks of session. Include your own research into the historical and sociocultural contexts of the work and the artist’s practice in your analysis. In particular, draw from your own experience as an audience member encountering the work in the gallery space.

Consider this physical experience of the work presented in space. What roles physical objects play in the artwork? How do the material qualities of the objects influence the form of the work and its presentation? How does the artist make use of the properties and the innate qualities of the materials chosen? What is the nature of the relationship between the objects and the audience?

It is important to think about how this exploration will help guide you in the research and development of your practical project in this subject. Shape your research, findings, and discussions into an argument, and ensure you support your enquiry with appropriate references and sources including relevant illustrations.

Due Date:
Week 6 – in class

Written essay (1000 to 1500 words). Correct essay style and bibliographic referencing are required.

Assessment Criteria:
Depth and breadth of research engagement with relevant materials incorporating lecture and workshop discussions
What is the range of research materials used in this enquiry? How relevant is the information presented? How are the materials integrated into your argument?

Depth of critical analysis of the work discussed in relation to the questions posed
How well does the analysis build on the research materials presented? What is the depth of the engagement with the work (descriptive or analytical)? What is the degree of understanding evident in the essay?

Quality of argument supported by research materials, sound premises, and critical analyses
How well is the argument supported by a range of references, critical analyses, and personal interpretation? Is the argument presented sound?

Clarity and succinctness of writing
How clear, coherent and structured is the writing? How readable and engaging is the style of writing? Is academic writing conventions followed?

Submission Method:
Electronic/ Turn-it-in
Please submit your essay via Turn it in on Moodle.

Must Attempt: Yes
This means that if you do not submit a work, a Technical Fail will be automatically generated for your grade in this subject.

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