Assessment 3: Project work and artists’ statement (45%)

Research an existing media artwork (discussed in the lectures and/or workshops) that makes use of repetition and variation as its central theme. Create a work that is composed of iterated and/or repetitive procedural action.

The form/output can be images or animation displayed on screens, print-outs, interactive installations, 3-d objects, or a performance. Provide an artist statement that outlines your concept, rationale and processes. References to relevant lecture materials will help contextualise your project in relation to contemporary media art works.

Due Date: Week 13

Format: Screen-based, paper-based, object-based, interactive or performance work Written statement (100 – 150 words)

Assessment Criteria:

  • Research engagement
  • Conceptual development
  • Execution and presentation

Submission Method:

Presentation of work in gallery (details directed in class)
Printed artist’s statement (next to your work)
Documentation of work and statement posted to your own blog (and link published to Meda102 submit links)


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