Assessment 3: Project work

Marked out of 100 – 40 %

Research an existing art, design or media work discussed in the lectures and/or workshops and create a project in response to how the selected work makes use of abstraction as a process. Your project should not copy the original work, but rather use it as a startign point to develop your own original work.

The form/output can be images or animation displayed on screens, as prints, drawings, textiles, interactive installations, 3-d objects, or performances.

Provide a 200-word artist statement that outlines your concept, rationale, processes, and how you responded to the existing media artwork referenced. Refer to relevant lecture materials to contextualise your project in relation to contemporary media arts.

Due Date:
Week 13

Each student to choose:

  • Installation day: Week 13 Wed 9am – 2pm or Thur by 9am – 2pm (commit to one only)
  • Location of work (Gallery, black box, foyer, etc.) on map

Work must be mounted by 2pm

Screen-based, paper-based, object-based, interactive or performance work
Written statement (200 words)

Assessment Criteria:
Depth and breadth of research engagement with lecture and workshop materials, and relevant references

Conceptual development of Project work in response to theme

Execution of Project work in terms of functionality and presentation

Submission Method:
Presentation of work (as directed in class)
Artist’s statement (200 word)

Must Attempt: Yes
This means that if you do not submit a work, a Technical Fail will be automatically generated for your grade in this subject.

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