Assignment 1: Etienne’s Thur Class

Please submit a link to your Assignment 1 blog entry in the comments below.

Check that your blog entry contains the following (in about 400 words):

  1. One or more original works / designs that you used as your starting point
  2. The instructions (not included in the 400 words)
  3. Quality photographic documentation of 3 ‘executions’ of your instructions by 3 different people (in class or outside of class)
  4. An analysis of your process, including:
    1. articulating the form/idea that you were abstracting,
    2. how you think that form might be changed / affected by being translated into instructions,
    3. how you think that the form might be changed / affected by the physical medium (paper / glue / pen etc.) the executions are targeted towards,
    4. the identification of what worked and why, and what failed and why.

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