Assessment 3: Self-Directed Project Exhibition 40% (Week 16 TBC)

AnitVJ : Eyjafjallajokull 2012


Marked out of 100 – 40%


Students present their major projects in exhibition format, screening, installation or performance as appropriate.

A weekly process diary and record must be kept throughout the semester. A 1000 (minimum) word critical reflection accompanying this diary will explore the work’s;

  • Artistic and academic context.
  • Cultural, conceptual, and aesthetic inspiration and development.
  • Physical and Technical realisation and development.

Due Date:

Week 16  (TBC) and Ongoing Process.

Graduate Quality Developed:

Independent learners/Problem solvers/Effective communicators


  • Physical Exhibition.
  • Process diary update weekly.
  • 1000+ word Critical Reflection.

Assessment Criteria:

  • Application of research and reflection
  • Articulation of work in context
  • Conceptual development and execution
  • Critical, Process, and Technical reflection and analysis.
  • Quality of documentation/diary.