Grad Show: Full Steam Astern

Congratulations to our fundraising team!

Our fundraising team: Chantelle, Clare, ChelseaPaniti (Steph who helped with the organisation of the event), who raised $370!! This is a single event that raised the most money after the Art Auction! Well done!!! (Look at all the motorbikes at the back!)

Grad Show website

We are putting the final touches on the Grad Show website. A Big Thank you also to Mackenzie and David A for helping with uploading content and Jasmine for making the final tweaks to the web catalogue.

If you have not submitted any information as requested, please do so as soon as possible. We no longer need your statement or headshot, but we do need 3 images of your work  – please format them as follows:

  • 72 dpi
  • 600px height

Your need to supply the title as: Title, year of production, medium, duration/ dimension (if relevant). Upload these stills to your folder on Google drive: and please let Jasmine know that you have done this.

Grad Show schedule

We will need the curatorial committee: Jane, Sonny, Anh, Kate, Steph, Chloe, Clare, and Lily on Friday 17 November 2017 at 11am in building 25, Main Campus. We need to re-assess our draft layout plan for work. The final plan will be uploaded to – please check this site.

We also need physical assistance in uploading transported equipment from iC as well as preparation of the rooms (including painting) so please wear work clothes.  If you are not on the curatorial committee but want to help out – we would love to have you.

The installation period is Monday 20 November and Tuesday 21 November. You must be present to install your work in the designated location. If you are not there, your work will not be included in the exhibition.

Opening event

The Grad Show, officially SCOPE: 2017 UOW Graduate Exhibition, is to be formally opened on Friday 24 November 6 – 9pm.

You are welcomed to bring up to 3 guests with you on the night. There is a large number of students participating in the exhibition this year and due to building’s capacity we need to put a ticketing system in place Please obtain your tickets here by registering for the free event at Event Brite 

Speeches are scheduled in 25.107 at 6.30pm. There is limited capacity in the lecture theatre but the event will be live streamed and guests are welcomed at other live stream locations in the building which include 25.163 and 25.128.

Exhibition period

The exhibition will run from Saturday 25 November until Saturday 9 December. It will open to the public on 3 Saturdays from 12 – 5pm):

  • Saturday 25 November
  • Saturday 2 December
  • Saturday 9 December

We need attendants for these three days. Your duties will include turning on/off projections/ av works/ lights, unlocking and locking up spaces. You will need to be present for visitors.

I am asking the following students who signed up for Event and Marketing teams to volunteer. If you or your friend can attend one of these afternoons, please let me know as soon as you can. It would be great to have your contributions:

Kayla, Maya, Kade, Joanna, Briana, Binaisha, Harrison, Sam, Nick, Nathan, David G, Noelle, Teagan


All students must come in to uninstall and collect their works on Monday 11 December 10am. More details to follow.

Final Final Final

Assessment Presentation

Assessment of your Media Arts Project starts at 9.30am sharp. Each student is required to present their works to the assessment panel (Mat and Jo) for 2 – 5 minutes. Your presentation may outline your intention, processes, and reflection of your project. Please refer to the assessment criteria as how you may want to focus or structure your brief presentation.

Please be there a minimum of 5 min before your presentation slot. If you are absent during your scheduled presentation, your project will be assessed without this accessible component.


Assessment schedule

Locations Time Students
1 Gallery 9.30 Chantelle
2 9.40 Kayla
3 9.50 Meghan
4 10.00 Anh
5 10.10 Joanna
6 10.20 Josh
7 10.30 Clare
8 10.40 Teagan
9 10.50 Kate
10 11.30 Sonny
11 11.40 Jasmine
12 11.50 Steph and Chelsea
13 12.00 Shaun
14 12.10 Izel
15 Hallway 12.20 Joe and Paniti
16 12.30 Mia
17 12.40 Noelle
18 Courtyard 12.50 Jane
19 Blackboxes 13.30 David A
20 13.40 Binaisha and Briana
21 13.50 Matthew
22 14.00 Hugh
23 14.10 Mackenzie
24 14.20 Maya
25 14.30 Blair and Isabelle
26 14.40 Sam
27 Foyer 15.00 David G
28 15.10 Lily
29 15.20 Kade
30 G.05 Single screens 15.30 Harrison
31 15.40 Nathan
32 15.50 Chloe
33 16.00 Nick

Uninstall and Packing

Your work will need to be uninstalled, transported and re-installed in Building 25 for the Grad Show. The school will be responsible for transporting equipment (screens, projectors, plinths, lights etc.) to main campus, but students will need to be responsible for their own artworks (packing up and taking them to building 25 for install (Grad Show schedule will follow in the next post). 

Works in the gallery, hallway and courtyard can be uninstalled from 13.00 and the Blackboxes from 15.00. Glenn will instruct you on uninstall and packing of equipment.


Additional information

Paul Jones (UOW Photographer) will be here on Tuesday during assessment to take photographs of a selection of works (with their makers). 

Hall Murray, Manager of Technical Services, will also be here to advise on the packing and transportation of equipment. If you have any questions regarding added electrical components to your work you may want to speak with Hall. 

MEDA302 Final Assessment: Space and Equipment Allocation

Media Arts Project (50%)

Place: Digital Media Centre (Gallery, Blackboxes, Class rooms), iC
Install period:
 8 November to 13 November 2017 (excluding weekends) 9am – 4pm
Assessment date: 14 November 2017
De-install: 4pm 14 November 2017

Please DO NOT install your work on Assessment day. Your work will not be marked.

Space allocation

We have 28 installation works to fit into the spaces we have. Please do your best and work with others near your allocated area to resolve the best use of space for your work.

Gallery and Foyer

Single screen works can use G.05, please copy your work onto to the Thumb drive provided (collected from Glenn).

If you are allocated on the existing screens in the foyer, you will need to speak with Glenn in terms of file formats and delivery. DO NOT leave this to the last minute.

Black boxes, Corridor, and Courtyard

DMC_space allocation_MEDA302_2017

Equipment allocation

Download this equipment allocation sheet and have a look at the equipment allocated to you. This is based on what you requested on the Proforma you completed.

You need to note the following:

  • while equipment (video projectors, media players, lights, plinths etc.) is allocated, there is no specific type assigned to each student. Specific types of equipment will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you are after a particular type of video projector/ plinth, I would advise you to begin your install early to secure what you need.
  • Spot lights are assigned to students who requested them. There is not enough for each student to have one for your project description. If you need a spot light,but have not requested one, you will need to wait till the end of your install to work out what is available.


Major work presented appropriately for exhibition. Your presentation needs to be of high standard. This means for installation, your work is:

  • is properly installed (no safety hazards e.g.cords are taped down, no hanging wires)
  • has accompanied by a project statement (150 – 200 words) appropriately formatted and displayed with the final work

For single screen works, your work will:

  • be of an appropriate screen resolution
  • have screen titles and credits
  • have project statements appropriately formatted as a screen program sheet

All students will present a 5 min oral introduction to their works. A schedule will be posted up closer to time.

Assessment Criteria:

  • Conceptual sophistication: how ideas are developed and engaged in the work
  • Technical execution: functionality and suitability of the technical medium/ media chosen to deliver the final work
  • Engagement of chosen medium/ media: depth of exploration in directing how media and materials are used in the final work
  • Developmental process: quality of research and development that brings the project to fruition
  • Suitability of the mode of exhibition in presenting the final work

Assessment outline


4pm 14 November 2017

We aim to complete assessment by 4pm. Please be present to de-install and pack up your work and equipment (as instructed) ready for transportation to main campus for the Grad Show.

Workshop 13: Review and Final details

In the final week of exploring System, Play and Interaction,  we will continue to focus on project development. This is the last opportunity for you to get critical feedback from your tutor. Please bring all components with you.We will devote the entire workshop to this final review.

The gallery and blackboxes will be available for testing – but please pack up all your materials and equipment after class as the spaces are needed for MEDA102 assessment this week.
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Week 12: Dark Night of the Soul

In this second last week of session, you will continue to test your projects through presenting your trials and work-in-progress. If you have not spoken/ discussed your work with your tutor in the past 2 weeks, make sure you do today.

Final Assessment (full details here)

Media Arts Project (50%)

Place: Digital Media Centre (Gallery, Blackboxes, Class rooms), iC
Install period:
 8 November to 13 November 2017 (excluding weekends)
Assessment date: 14 November 2017
De-install: 4pm 14 November 2017

Critical Reflection Portfolio (25%)

Due date: 14 November 2017 11.59pm

Equipment and Allocation of space:
I would like the Curatorial Team (Chloe, Meg, Steph, Clare, Lily, Anh, Nathan) to begin collecting information from students about the equipment and spatial requirement this week.

Please print out and complete the following proforma and hand this back to a member of the Curatorial Team. The team and meet up with Jo before the end of the class to discuss.

Grad show update: SCOPE

Catalogue content

The following needs to be done by the end of today:

Create a folder with your name (Surname_Firstname) in the shared google folder ( ? you may need to request permission).

Jasmine has taken the headshots of everyone and has uploaded them to here: (Thank you, Jasmine and Chantelle)


  1. copy your headshot into your folder 
  2. upload 3 jpg images resolution 150 dpi, dimensions 2000 pixels of your works with details (title, year, medium, dimension/ duration)
  3. create a Googledoc of your statement (100 max)
Site visit

Curatorial Team plus participating students in the Grad Show who can come. Please meet in the front foyer of building 25 on Wednesday 18 October at 12.30pm. We will go through some of the spaces where your graduating works will be exhibited.


Fundraising Team to update.


Workshop 12: Planning and more testing!


You will be focus on planning and testing your work-in-progress in this week’s workshop. Please ensure you have your work in class to test. Black boxes will be available for use in testing any components.

Etienne and I will be working on the draft space allocation in class based on the information you provide us using the Project Planning Pro forma.

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Lecture 11 New Materialism and Media Art

So far we have been explore media artworks as devices of wonder/ machines, through automation/ movement, and as immersive architectural systems. We have also looked at how the medium of computing provides a way to mediate experiences.

In week 11’s lecture, we will drill down with the question of the material quality of electronic media technologies. In particular, we will re-visit the question of how can one work with the intangibility of digital and electronic media? What kind of experiences can digital/ electronic materials produce? And how do these experiences manifest in the physical world?

We will use the theory of new materialism as departure to examine a range of contemporary media art works in thinking through physical materials are used and mediated.

Download slides: MEDA202_lecture11_slides

Week 10: Prototype Presentation

[Kuuki’s e. Menura supurba]

Week 10’s presentation of prototypes provides an opportunity to test your ideas into physical form, and to solicit response and feedback from an informed audience. Bearing in mind: one of the key concepts explored is interaction in terms of audience experience. You should be testing and examining this central idea in the prototype presentation.

There will be no scheduled lecture this week.

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