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There is a great unpaid internship opportunity with Evolve Communities ( up for offer for an advance 2nd year or third year BCM/BDM student. This is a small company based at iAccelerate in the IC doing really interesting work on cultural competency and awareness amongst other things.

Sound like a great opportunity for a socially engaged content producer.

Contact Carla @ Evolve if you are motivated, interested, and willing to contribute.

Carla Rogers

About Evolve

Evolve provides unique tools and programs for organisations to engage their staff, clients and customers. To do this we draw on ancient Dreamtime knowledge, bringing the wisdom of Indigenous Elders to the forefront.

We help organisations’ who need to develop strong relationships with communities, especially Indigenous communities, to solve tough problems together. We do this through cultural awareness training and education programs, executive coaching, community engagement design and supporting educational resources. The ultimate outcome is a win: win for the organization and community, with real differences in people’s lives such as closing the gap in disadvantage in health and wellbeing, education and employment.


Evolve have created the Songlines™ Engagement Model and Meeting Marketplace™, unique and award winning collaboration and engagement approaches used extensively across Australia. At the heart of both models is a design thinking approach, which we would apply to the design, development and the way that we deliver our digital literacy programs and resources.


Our innovative approaches cater to all diversities. We are developing the Virtual Marketplace™ which is a 3D space that is immersive for participants and generates genuine engagement. Supporting our innovation, Evolve are part of iAccelerate, the University of Wollongong’s (UOW) business incubator program and Innovation Campus.

Visual Fax Machine


Sam Noakes reports on the Human Fax Machine Exercise.

Find his blog here:

A fax machine was revolutionary for it’s time invented by Alexander Bain in 1843, the evolved fax machine today looks at each line separately, detects the black and white areas and transmits one electric pulse down a phone line to represent the words/picture. It transmits instantly and these pulses are used to control the printer. As paper moves down the  bright light shines onto it, white areas reflect lots of light where as the black areas shine little light. A rotating drum like object marks the paper from a laser that fills the ink, at 1,300Hz pen will be applied to the paper and at 800Hz tone takes it off.

Our goal send a audible message to another group to dictate a drawing or piece of artwork. This was achieved by a barrier dividing the class room and getting given instruments to create a key series of beats or volumes for the other side to interpret. We established with the decoder’s, a compass like structure initially that had N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW and they were then numbered 1-8 which meant what direction the drawing had to go, which was followed by the number of claps, which represented how long the stroke was. 9 bangs we devised would represent a circle, and a shake was a break in the line in the given direction


Human Fax Machine System

The opposite group were given the stimulus and carried out the corresponding coding, whereby we decoded their beats, claps and shakes to eventually finish with a pretty accurate outline of a stiletto shoe. The result followed:


Within this system, we found some learning points that were valued and interesting. Firstly, the initial “Handshake” to verify that each other were ready for the transmission was lacking and is something that is needed when transmitting through sound. Sabotage from other groups was evident with the clapping technique. People in other groups soon learned that they could affect our drawing if the strategically clapped when we were listening out for them.Lastly error checking again proved to be something that needed to be prioritised, as a simple mishearing that needed to be repeated couldn’t happen with words or direct viewed signals to each other. This could have proved effective if later on fine details were needed to be added to the drawing. Overall however, the technique proved relatively effective and when the picture was showed to another classmate, they were able to distinguish a shoe.



From May 8 2015 the streets of Nowra CBD and its laneways will come to life, with a mix of local Shoalhaven, national and overseas artists as part of the international art project Micro Galleries: Changing the World…in small and creative ways.The event will kick off with a huge opening weekend (8-10 May) with activities ranging from projection installations, an interactive pop-up arts space, seven free walking tours led by performance artists, symposiums, coffee convos with the artists, live micro performances and workshops.
It’s all FFEE, see to find out more or sign up for one of tours, find out more about the artists, or just grab a map and meander through town.


– Assist with street art tours
– Help artists paste up and install works
– Play records and spin tunes
– Supervise pop up space
– Facilitate artists talks in pop up space

Contact: Bonnie Greene