Week 10: An Eye on the Process, An Eye on the Project.

This week we begin the push toward the graduate exhibition – a great opportunity to present your emerging practice as it stands and to celebrate 3+ years of work.

We will spend sometime talking about project management because – while we are most concerned about establishing an ongoing practice – we also have to present that project to the public.  We will then continue with our process of testing and feedback.

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This is a Voice

The current exhibition This is a Voice at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, is a Wellcome Collection exhibition produced in collaboration with the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences.

This unique exhibition investigates voice, sound, aural creation, perception and experience through objects, museum collections, and contemporary media artworks.

MEDA202 and MEDA302 students are particularly recommended to visit the exhibition to inform their research and project works.

More information can be found here.

Week 5 – Bringing Things Together

In the first few weeks of the course we’ve explored the way art, craft, theory and research intersect as the basis of a well grounded and supported creative practice. We then started to think about how we can describe our own individual practices.

James Turrell, Ronin, 1968 Fluorescent light, dimensions variable

Portfolio Work.

In week five we will start by spending an hour going over and testing these statements of practice in the classroom. If you are having trouble with your statement it might be worth using the categories above to think through what you do. Ask;

What questions do you explore/ask as a function of your practice and how? (Art/Media)
What key influences, mentors, or peers inform your practice? (what questions does their work ask/explore?) (Context)
What set of ideas/theories do you work with, are your interested in working with, or which inform your practice? (Theory/Philosophy)
What aspects of craft do these experiments require, or which you have developed while engaged in this practice? (Your skills)

Jo Law, June 2014, Lithograph

Think about the story you are telling and how well it is supported by the works you have selected to include in your portfolio. What directions do you need to take this term in order to realise the image presented in your statement? What directions are presented by your existing portfolio? What is it that I am really interested in? What do you want to get better at?  What type of work do you wish was there in your portfolio? Shape your description accordingly.

Once you have developed a statement in full, test it, by exchanging it with at least two of your classmates, recording, and incorporating their feedback?

When reading someone else’s statement assess the image that is presented? Is that image professional? warm? arrogant? meek? coherent?

Material Research.

Cardiff & Miller, Stormroom 2009


As we discussed in class in week 2 and 3 we will spend the rest of the workshop doing material research.

This is a chance to begin a dialogue as a group of practitioners. For that to work we have to be disciplined enough to make the DMC work as shared creative space – bring all you will need to make the most of the time together. Think about your work as a contribution to the group as much as to your own project. Don’t leave early because you’re not organised…. be organised, be disciplined, work within the time and space together. Care for each other and each others work.

Given all we’ve discussed over the previous weeks and the statement you’ve been working on and choose a work by one artist or maker whose work usefully explores an aspect of the theme ‘futures’ and whose practice informs or resonates with your own. Think back to the previous exercise. Choose a work that best serves to illustrate your interests.

Emulate, iterate, or adopt one aspect or strategy of this work.

If your mentor is a filmmaker –  research an aspect of their aesthetic or style by attempting to emulate an instance of their work. If they are a composer – compose in the style of…… etc, etc.

The element that you choose might offer a technical challenge, a chance to practice or research a particular craft or technique, a chance to explore an aesthetic, idea or function. Be specific about which of these aspects you are focussing on – that is be specific about why you have chosen a particular aspect to work with and what your aims are in engaging (in) this work.

This work need not end up in your final work – its just a place to start and engagement with the materials and ideas you are interested in.

Be ready to document your work, to discuss it with your peers, and with Jo an I. Think about what the next step is? Another experiment, an iteration, engagement with another work?

Art Auction

Many thanks to those who donated to the Art Auction. The exhibition is at the TAEM Gallery in building 25 on main campus. It was launched for Open Day on Saturday and silent auction already began. Live Auction takes place on Thursday 24 August 2017 at 12.30pm. Remember to tell all your friends and family. UOW has the news story here: http://media.uow.edu.au/news/UOW236724










Exhibition: Sound the Future


Sounding the Future

Peter Blamey, George Poonkhin Khut, Gail Priest, Pia van Gelder & Tom Smith
Curated by Gail Priest

Opening: Tuesday 1 August, 6 – 8pm
Exhibition dates: 1 August – 22 September

The future may be hard to see from here, but perhaps we can hear it coming….

UTS Gallery is pleased to present Sounding the Future, an exhibition that challenges the audience to consider not ‘visions of the future’, but the possibility of letting the auditory realm lead our imaginings.

Full details…

Grad Show 2017

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Currently our Committee Members are:











Siteworks call for Volunteers

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 8.17.53 pm

Siteworks is Bundanon’s annual Spring event which brings scientists, artists and community voices together to share knowledge and ideas arising from the Bundanon sites through a series of discussions, presentations and experiences.

Siteworks volunteers are the face of the event and play a vital role in creating an enhanced experience for audiences. This is a rare opportunity for those interested in contemporary art, science or working/studying in the fields of art, hospitality and events to develop skills and experience in the industry.

No prior experience needed, just enthusiasm and willingness to contribute to a community event. If you would like to volunteer or have any questions please contact the Programs Team at
programs@bundanon.com.au or on 02 4422 2121.

Or visit Siteworks online at: www.bundanon.com.au

Image: Deborah Kelly, Birth of Beeness, 2017

Social Media / Content Internship

There is a great unpaid internship opportunity with Evolve Communities (http://www.evolves.com.au) up for offer for an advanced 2nd year or third year BCM/BDM student. This is a small company based at iAccelerate on the IC doing really interesting work on cultural competency and awareness amongst other things.

This sounds like a great opportunity for a socially engaged content producer.

Contact Carla @ Evolve if you are motivated, interested, and willing to contribute.

Carla Rogers

About Evolve

Evolve provides unique tools and programs for organisations to engage their staff, clients and customers. To do this we draw on ancient Dreamtime knowledge, bringing the wisdom of Indigenous Elders to the forefront.

We help organisations’ who need to develop strong relationships with communities, especially Indigenous communities, to solve tough problems together. We do this through cultural awareness training and education programs, executive coaching, community engagement design and supporting educational resources. The ultimate outcome is a win: win for the organization and community, with real differences in people’s lives such as closing the gap in disadvantage in health and wellbeing, education and employment.


Evolve have created the Songlines™ Engagement Model and Meeting Marketplace™, unique and award winning collaboration and engagement approaches used extensively across Australia. At the heart of both models is a design thinking approach, which we would apply to the design, development and the way that we deliver our digital literacy programs and resources.

Our innovative approaches cater to all diversities. We are developing the Virtual Marketplace™ which is a 3D space that is immersive for participants and generates genuine engagement. Supporting our innovation, Evolve are part of iAccelerate, the University of Wollongong’s (UOW) business incubator program and Innovation Campus.