MEDA101 Subject Information and Outline

Welcome to MEDA101 for Autumn 2017. This entry contains information and links to all the relevant document you will need for this subject. You can also find this information on the subject’s Moodle site (with subject schedule and ECHO360 centre to access recorded lectures). A downloadable subject outline is available at the end of this post.

Subject Description:
This subject provides an introduction to media arts through a creative engagement with audio visual media technologies. The lecture series presents a survey of historical and contemporary media arts works that is closely aligned with tutorial workshops and assessment tasks providing the means of relating broad theoretical concerns to creative practice. Students gain an overview of the history and defining features of media arts through research and analyses of art works. They develop foundational skills in creating media arts works with an emphasis on digital production techniques. Aesthetic concepts are explored with regard to the relationship between audio and visual forms.

Subject Objectives/ Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of this subject, students will be able to:

  1. Critically discuss the history and aesthetics of media art in relation to their own practice.
  2. Produce critically engaged creative experimental work.
  3. Engage in fundamental creative and technical digital media production tasks.
  4. Follow both basic audiovisual and digital media production principles in the successful completion of media art work.

Subject coordinator: Jo Law
Lecturer/ Tutors: Jo Law, Etienne Deleflie, Aaron Burton, John Harris

For current timetable information please refer to the online Subject Timetable on the Current Students webpage:

Download 2017 Subject Outline MEDA101 Autumn as .pdf