Assessment 1: Still image (Remoscope) project

Marked out of 100 – 30%

All three assessment tasks in MEDA101 contribute to the making of a final work: an audiovisual poem Where I’m from. The project is a direct response to George Ella Lyon’s poem of the same name.

In Assessment 1, you will create a 30-second silent video work composed of a series of ‘remoscopes’ (footage shot using a stationary camera on a tripod) and structured using your own version of Lyon’s poem. Capture these places, objects, events, and people in your poem on video as ‘remoscopes’ and produce your video poem.

You will upload your project to Vimeo and embed the work on your personal learning blog. In the same entry, provide a 100-word project statement that outlines your approach to this task and the decisions you made in developing the work. Provide a working link of this entry on the subject blog.

Research and Development
Research into Lyon’s poem, her intentions, and methods of constructions. Read her guidelines for constructing your own version of the poem. There are many examples of audiovisual poems made using Lyon’s work, have a look at these examples and make notes of effective approaches. Consider the following:

  • What kind of place, objects, people and events do they feature?
  • What are the stories embodied by these things?
  • How do these capture in the narrative(s)?

Construct a version of your own poem that ‘defines’ where you are from. What are the places, objects, events or people that describe or capture where you are from? How do they speak to this? Consider the implication of these words: how would you portray or explore their meanings through framing and composition?

You are asked to create your work in the form of remoscopes. Research into this form of moving images: What are remoscopes? What are the rules of its construction? What is the rationale for following these rules? Consider how each of the parameters of a remoscope can convey different spatial and temporal experiences that express ‘where I’m from’.

Lectures in weeks 2 and 3 address specific aspects of the film medium beginning with early cinema and the development of the cinematic language. The lecture content is designed to contextualise this project and provide you with a range of examples to explore. Exercises and activities in the tutorial classes will also help you develop your ideas.

Due Date
Week 5 in class

Digital video file (silent)
Project statement (100 words)

Assessment Criteria

  • Depth and breadth of research into video poems
  • Conceptual exploration of the topic and theme
  • Effective use of the video medium in conveying meaning
  • Execution and presentation of ideas through the video form

Submission Method
Electronic submission via Subject blog
To be accompanied by in-class presentation and critique

Subject Learning Outcome Addressed
This assessment task addresses Subject Learning Outcomes:

  • Produce critically engaged creative experimental work.
  • Engage in fundamental creative and technical digital media production tasks.

References and Resources
George Ella Lyon, Where I’m from