Assessment 2: Sound Project

Marked out of 100 – 30%

Project Description
Produce a 60 second audio piece that speaks to your interpretation of ‘Where I’m from’. This project will naturally relate to your Assessment 1 work but needs not be a direct translation of you video piece, nor is it simply an audio version of the project.

For assessment 2, you may begin with sound walks, listening exercises, and experiments in recording and editing to approach ideas inspired by George Ella Lyon’s poem. Refer to the places, events, people, and objects that speak of where you are from you chose to portray in your first project. Listen to the sounds of these environments. What sounds do you actually hear? What are the sounds that contribute to these experiences? What are the familiar/ unfamiliar, predictable/ unpredictable sounds you hear? How can you effectively convey the experience of this space using auditory sense (without visuals)?

Upload your completed audio file to Sound Cloud and embed the work on your personal blog. In the same entry, provide a project statement (100 words) that outlines your approach to this task and the decisions you made in developing the work.

Research and Development
In contemporary culture, the visual sense is often prioritised. This project aims to shift you focus towards the auditory sense and how we experience the world through sounds. You will also be investigating how the audio medium can be used to express ideas, convey experiences, or portray both physical and non-physical entities. Research the use of audio in artworks, radio reportage, and experimental audio documentaries discussed in lectures (weeks 4 to 6) and workshops. Research one of the following strategies used these historical and contemporary works:

1. Noise
2. Music
3. Voice

Collect sound recordings as spot recordings, ambient noises, and voices. Experiment and edit these recordings as guided by class exercises and discussions with your tutor.

Due Date
Week 8 in class

Digital audio file
Project statement (100 words)

Assessment Criteria

  • Depth and breadth of research into audio works
  • Conceptual exploration of the topic and theme
  • Effective use of the audio medium in conveying meaning
  • Execution and presentation of ideas through the audio form

Submission Method
Electronic submission via Subject blog
To be accompanied by in-class presentation and critique

Subject Learning Outcome Addressed
This assessment task addresses Subject Learning Outcomes:

  • Produce critically engaged creative experimental work.
  • Engage in fundamental creative and technical digital media production tasks

References and Resources
There are many radio programs that make use of the audio medium experimentally. This American Life is a well known and popular example. ABC Rational National also hosts many programs that feature documentary and exploratory audio works, such as Off Track, and archived programs including Radio Eye, 360 Documentaries, and The Night Air (listed alphabetically here).