Workshop 04: Post-production techniques

[Michel Gondry, The Chemical Brothers’ Let Forever Be (1999), 1999]

This week’s workshop will focus on your project progress with exploration and discussion into post-production techniques.

Discussion on Post-production effects

Surrealists’ in-camera effects: what effects are used in camera? What do these achieve?

Analyse Maya Deren’s Meshes of the Afternoon and other films in the use of editing to achieve effects.


[ will have tutorial in the use of filters and colour grading]

Discuss the use of filters

Discuss the use of digital medium

Compositing [add materials to discuss]


Project Progress

  • Work on project progress. By now you should be working on your digital edits of your work.
  • Present edits to tutor: Discuss how what themes/ concepts are explored
  • Discuss what techniques are used and explored



Assessment 1: Experimental Film Project submission guidelines:

Your completed work must be in the form of a digital file (.mp4) ready to be presented in class on the due date. You are asked to upload your completed project to your vimeo account and embed the file in a blog post on your blog. Accompany this with a project statement (100 – 150 words) either as your description on Vimeo or in the blog entry.

A working link to your blog entry or your vimeo file must be provided on the relevant submission post on subject website.

The following export specifications are from Vimeo’s compression guidelines (find out more here:

  1. Format: H.264
  2. Frame rate: 25fps (current)
  3. Resolution: current
  4. De-interlacing: No/ Field Order: None
  5. Data rate: 2000 – 5000 kbps (SD) or 5,000 – 10,000 (720p HD)
  6. Audio: No
  7. File extension: .mp4
  8. File name: yourFirstName yourSurname

Please check how your exported file play before submission.

If you don’t think the above compression recommendation works well for your piece, you are free to choose one that gives you the best result.

Write a brief summary (150 words max.) addressing the assessment criteria to accompany your submission in the description section of Vimeo or in your blog entry.



Deadline: Week 5, 28 March 2017 5.00pm

Digital files (.mp4) of the completed works and project statement (100 – 150 words) uploaded online to your Vimeo account. You can embed your work in an entry with project statement on your personal blog. A working link to your blog entry or your vimeo file must be provided on the relevant submission post on subject website.

Files uploaded to free accounts on Vimeo will go into a queue, therefore make sure you have plenty of time to upload and test before the deadline.

Tasks (outside of class):

  • Complete and submit Cameraless film
  • Prepare presentation that addresses the assessment criteria

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