Workshop 05: Project presentation

[Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Vapour (film still), 2015 ]

In week 5, you will present your Cameraless film project to class for critique. We will also look at the requirement for Research Essay and begin exploring the Major Project.

Practical: ‘Cameraless film’ project presentation and critique

Present your work to class with a brief introduction (or conclusion). Address the  Cameraless film project assessment criteria as follows:

  • Depth and breadth of research
    • What have you looked at?
    • What other works inspired you?
    • Are there any contemporary applications of this kind of technique you found useful?
  • Exploration and experimentation of medium
    • What techniques have you explored/ experimented with?
    • What worked well for you?
    • Why did you pursue the techniques you used?
  • Execution of concept
    • What are the main concepts/ themes you explored?
    • How have these techniques (including editing) have convey your themes/ concepts?

Invite the class to critique to your work: what is the most successful part of the work? what may need further development?

Document comments in a blog post.

Remaining assessments

Have a thorough read of the two remaining assessment in the subject:

What are the objectives? What are the requirements?

Tasks (outside of class):

  • Have a look at other students’ works and comment on their websites.
  • Re-read the outlines of the remainging assessments thoroughly
  • Work on Research essay. Read this Blog!!


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