Lecture 01 Devices of Wonder and the History of Interactive Media and Technology

The first lecture introduces the learning objectives of this subject. We look at how we may approach the aesthetics of interaction by interrogating conceptual issues surrounding ‘system, play and interaction’.

The lecture provides an overview of interactive experiences with a focus on how technologies function as a creative tool and medium in the context of art. We examine the fascination humans have with machines. We also investigate wonderment and curiosity as a key to audience engagement and experience.

Specifically, we explore the wonderment of technological objects embodied by ‘devices of wonder’. We ask: What do these technological objects do? Why are they wonder-ful? How do they continue to capture our attention and imagination? We begin by surveying some of these technologies and their social and cultural contexts. We then look at more recent artworks that re-interpret these objects in a contemporary context.This lecture establishes the grounds on which you explore the subject’s major project.

Download MEDA202_lecture01_slides (5.1Mb)
Lecture recording is available via ECHO360 centre on Moodle.

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