Assessment 1: Practices Development Project

Marked out of 100 – 25%

In this assessment, you will begin a series of writing on your personal learning blog that serve to kickstart your third year Media Arts projects.

Begin by reflecting on your previous creative projects (not restricted to media arts subjects), identify a field of practice that you are passionate in pursuing. This may be an area of specialisation that focuses on the use of a medium/ media forms, or skills and knowledge that will expand your learning. Consider what field best contextualises your practice, how you can deepen your understanding of this chosen field of practice, and how you can extend your learning at university to shape and build your future in creative practice?

Beginning in week 1, embark on this assignment which will include research, experimentation, trials, and documentation. Research here refers to technical and material aspects of a field in addition to analyses of historical and theoretical materials.

Record your findings in a minimum of one entry (400 – 500 words, with references) per week as follows:

  • Week 1 Define your practice and your field
  • Week 2 Research your field: provide a brief overview of the history and theory that define your field and inform your practice
  • Week 3 Research your hero: a practitioner in your field
  • Week 4 Research opportunities: what are the opportunities available to you in your field? And how may you tap into these opportunities?
  • Week 5 Research your project: present the relevant background to your proposed project
  • Week 6 Project pitch for Media Arts project

Your entries will primarily be textual supplemented by illustrations, audio and video recordings as relevant and posted on your personal learning blog (with a working link provided on the subject blog).

The objective of this assessment task to lay the groundwork for your developing practice through research. You will be referring to your research and findings in this assessment in your project work (assessment 3) and MEDA302.

You are advised to use the same personal learning blog if you have previously created one for a MEDA subject or BMC’s DIGC subject.

Due Date
Week 6, 3 April 2016 23.59EST

Six blog entries: Written documentation (400 – 500 words each) with relevant illustrations and references posted online

Assessment Criteria

  • Depth, quality and cogency of research
  • Criticality of developmental and reflective processes
  • Clarity and succinctness of the writing to the reader
  • Quality of presentation and relevant inclusion of media and references

Submission Method
Electronic submission via Subject blog
to be accompanied by research presentation

Subject Learning Outcome Addressed
This assessment task addresses Subject Learning Outcomes:
1. Develop research literacies in both scholarly and practical aspects of Media Arts practice.