Assessment 2: Critical Analysis

Marked out of 100 – 35%

In week 5’s class, you will visit the Out of Hand: Materialising the Digital exhibition at the Museum of Applied Arts and Science in Sydney. The focus of this trip is to examine the application of media, materials, and technologies in current media arts and design practice first hand.

Choose one work that you feel strongly about and provide a critical analysis of the work: What is its intention? What are the research, development and making processes involved? How is the final outcome of the project? Research the central ideas the maker/ designer/ artist is exploring, and how is he/ she experiment with existing and new technologies, and his/her evaluation of the work exhibited?

Begin your analysis by describing the physical aspects of the work in detail, the materials and technologies used, and your own experience with this work. You may speculate on the reasons the artist/ designer/ maker may have made certain decisions in the works’ making (for example, why use a particular material. How well does the maker/ designer/ artist achieve his/ her ideas or intention through the work’s material manifestation?

The intention of this analysis to ‘reverse-engineer’ a work in order to understand how ideas are transformed into physical, material works through exploration, experimentation, production, and presentation.

While you are at the Museum, you are encouraged to explore other exhibits as guided by your interests. For example, there are permanent exhibits that utilise interactive technologies to engage with audience, or displays that create specific experiences.

Due Date
Week 9 1 May 2016, 23.59EST

Blog entry: Written documentation with relevant illustrations and references posted online (2000 words)

Assessment Criteria

  • Depth, breadth, quality and application of research materials incorporated
  • Depth and quality of critical analyses of the work, its processes, and presentation
  • Cogency of argument: how well is analysis supported by sound premises, evidence and argument?
  • Clarity and succinctness of writing

Submission Method
Electronic submission via Subject blog

Subject Learning Outcome Addressed
This assessment task addresses Subject Learning Outcomes:
1. Develop research literacies in both scholarly and practical aspects of Media Arts practice
2. Demonstrate an understanding of the broader context of Media Arts practice and a capacity to develop creative projects in this field