Assessment 3: Media Arts Project

Marked out of 100 – 40%

Beginning in week 6, you will work together as a class to nominate a number of research areas to pursue as group Media Arts projects. You will form groups of 4 to research and develop proposals within these identified areas. The proposed projects may make use of the research undertaken in assignment task 1.

The groups will pitch their proposals to the whole class and students will discuss these proposals together. With the inputs of tutors, a number of media art projects will be selected which students will develop these projects in groups into media art works.

Iterative process is central to this assessment task. The class will devote weeks 8 to 12 to the development of your project. This will include presenting your work-in-progress and experimentation to class for discussion and critique. Again, research and development here refer to material and technical aspects of the work as well as analyses into historical and theoretical contexts.

Each student will document project development weekly including historical, conceptual, material and technical research in a series of entries on his/ her individual blogs. These entries will form an assessable component of this assessment task.

For the assessment of the work, the class will be responsible for curating, installing, and presenting the projects at the Digital Media Centre at the Innovation Campus in Exam Week 2. The projects will be documented, reviewed, and discussed as possible final works for the Schools’ Graduate Exhibition in November 2017.

Due Date
Exam week 2 Tuesday 20th June 2017

Presentation of works in an exhibition format
Blog entries
Oral presentation

Assessment Criteria

  • Quality of research, iteration, and reflection evident in interim presentations and blog entries
  • Quality of the creative-experimental process in terms of its conceptual sophistication, technical execution, and material engagement
  • Quality of presentation in engaging with broader Media Arts context, audience experience, display and presentation techniques
  • Technical quality of the presentation in the crafting of materials and technological elements
  • Contribution to project work through interim presentations and class discussions

Submission Method
Physical presentation of works, and Electronic submission via Subject blog

Subject Learning Outcome Addressed
This assessment task addresses Subject Learning Outcome:
1. Develop research literacies in both scholarly and practical aspects of Media Arts practice
2. Demonstrate an understanding of the broader context of Media Arts practice and a capacity to develop creative projects in this field
3. Conduct a viable process of experimentation in an identified field of Media Arts practice