Assessment 1: Professional Profile Site

Marked out of 100 – 25%

MEDA302 is a capstone subject for the Media Arts study stream and one of our central focus is the transition between university studies and the world of professional practice. For the first assignment of the subject, you are asked to create an online professional profile/ website that includes the following:

  • a photograph of yourself (500px by 500px minimum)
  • a professional profile statement (250 words) that describes your practice. For example, what medium/ media do you work with? What are the ideas, concepts, and techniques you explore in your practice? What are the broader contexts or fields you work within?
  • selected works (minimum 4, up to 6) showcased in a logical and consistent formatting (e.g. title of work, duration, format, and client etc.) with embedded image and media content.
  • a biographical statement (100 – 150 words) or abridged CV that summarises your tertiary education background, skills, works, and key achievements etc.

You are free to use a website builder that suits your purpose (e.g. Weebly, Word Press), but make sure whatever you choose gives you adequate access and control over what you need to do. Please also be aware that many of these website builders are popular and there may give you the same appearance or style as everyone else who is also using it – ask yourself whether you want your site to look just like everyone else’s. If you have already an existing professional website, it may be possible to modify or add on information that will fulfil the requirement of this assignment, please have a chat with your tutor to see how this may be possible.

The idea here is to give you a head start on presenting yourself and your works in a professional context. We will workshop the content of your professional profile in the first 3 weeks of session. Please also keep in mind that this information will be used for the Graduate Exhibition catalogue.

Due Date:
Week 6

Online profile including written and embedded media content as specified

Assessment Criteria:
Relevance of professional details included in the profile
How relevant and significant are the details provided in the profile? How well does the information contribute to understanding your practice and professional profile?

Articulation of information throughout the profile and clarity in its presentation
How well does the information provided help to connect your history, background, and current work? How well does the articulation of this information present a full and coherent profile?

Balanced and effective use of text and supporting media materials
How ‘readable’ is the textual information? Does the presentation make good use of supporting media and other elements to engage the reader in the content?

Thoroughness and consistency in presentation
How clear and structured are the writing? How complete and coherent is the information provided? How well does the presentation take care of the reader?

Submission Method:
Online: a working link to your blog entry must be provided on the relevant post on by the due date.

Must Attempt: Yes
This means that if you do not submit a work, a Technical Fail will be automatically generated for your grade in this subject.