Assessment 3: Media Arts Project

Marked out of 100 – 50 %

The major learning outcome of this capstone subject is the production of an exhibition-ready media arts work. You have the option to produce an individual work or a collaborative project. Your Media Arts Project can be an extension of your previous MEDA301 work if this is deemed appropriate and viable. Final works will be exhibited as part of the Schools’ Graduate Exhibition in November 2016. The class will be responsible for curating and installing the projects guided by academic staff.

Your project development will be supported by historical, conceptual, and technical research, and documented at each stage with critical reflective commentaries. You will present your proposals to the whole class in week 5. Throughout project development, experimentation and testing, students will come together to discuss their work-in-progress at the end of each class. The results of the experiments, feedback and comments should be reflected upon with further research. The weekly process journal and the 500-word critical reflection summary support the development and execution of the project.

Your final work will be exhibited with a 100 – 200 word project statement (appropriately formatted and displayed). You will also give a 5-minute oral presentation at the assessment. This assessment will be discussed in details in class.

Due Date:
Exam week 2 – date TBA

Major work presented appropriately for public exhibition, a project statement (150 – 200 words) appropriately formatted and displayed with the final work, and a 5 min oral presentation

Assessment Criteria:

  • Conceptual sophistication: how ideas are developed and engaged in the work
  • Technical execution: functionality and suitability of the technical medium/ media chosen to deliver the final work
  • Engagement of chosen medium/ media: depth of exploration in directing how media and materials are used in the final work
  • Developmental process: quality of research and development that brings the project to fruition
  • Suitability of the mode of exhibition in presenting the final work

Submission Method:
Exhibition, project statement, and 5 min oral presentation

Must Attempt: Yes

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