Submission Assessment 3 Wednesday 14.30 – 17.30pm with Nathan Thompson

Before you submit: please also make sure this is your tutorial class – class time and tutor’s name are listed above.

Your digital files (.mp4) should be uploaded to your Vimeo account. Create an entry on your personal blog that embeds your video into the post accompanied by your project statement.

Add a comment to this post. In the comment, provide your full name and a link to your blog entry – please check your link is working.

21 thoughts on “Submission Assessment 3 Wednesday 14.30 – 17.30pm with Nathan Thompson

    My moving image assignment was made to present a line from my version of the poem “Where I’m From” By Ella Lyon whereby it says “I’m from suburban neighbourhoods and a double story house to farm lands that remain untouched”. It features scenes around my home, a suburban double story house and establishing shots of my local neighbourhood and a farm area nearby to my home to showcase this line from the poem the most. I used a lot of recordings of music such as at the start of my video and the car scene with songs by David Bowie and Nick Cave. I wanted to show a story, a simple one of me going out for a walk in a farm environment nearby to my house so it suits the line from my poem. I just used recordings from the activities I was doing in the video, so nothing too complicated. Overall, I think it told my message and point clearly even though there were some things I would fix such as noise distortion and shakings of the video.

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