Week 11: Alternative and Experimental Cinema


This lecture provides an introduction to the experimental and avant-garde cinema beginning with the works of Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Fernand Leger, and Walter Ruttmann of the 1920s and 30s. It presents a brief overview of the trajectory of art cinema as a significant part in developing how the moving image has been and continues to be employed as a form of expressions. We look at the legacy of these experimentation in both conventional mainstream works as well as contemporary screen art.

Lecture links: www.aaronlburton.com/uowmeda101w11.html


This workshop:

  • provides instructions on how to craft a project statement
  • allows student to develop their project work
  • provides students the opportunity to consult with their tutors on their projects

Exercise: Writing project statements
Use the assessment criteria and the following questions to help draft your project statement:

Depth and breadth of research into both conventional and experimental audiovisual works
What works have you looked at (refer to notes you took in the lectures or works you analysed in the workshop exercises)?
Which ones have been the most influential in your approach? Describe how.

Conceptual exploration of the topic and theme
What are the main ideas you worked with in this project?
How have these ideas developed through the project?
What processes have you undertaken to explore these ideas?

Effective use of audio and visual media in conveying meaning
How do you approach the relationship between audio and visual media in your work? (e.g. Audio driven, non-diagetic sounds)
What has been your process of working with the materials?

Execution and presentation of ideas through the audiovisual form
What decisions do you have to make for this project?
What are the reasons for these decisions?

Project development
Continue to work on your project
Consult with your tutor on your project

Continue to work on project
Begin to draft your project statement

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