Week 13 Install


There are many MEDA102 works to be installed in Week 13, so we need to get organised to make sure that everyone has adequate space and equipment to present their work in the best possible light. Please remember that you will be hanging / lighting / adjusting / pinning etc..

Don’t forget to also display your project statement. The quality of its presentation will be taken into consideration with your mark. i.e.: please don’t blue-tac a ripped piece of paper up beside your work (looks terrible, negatively affects how your work is received).

Please make sure that you have:

  • Booked a day (Wednesday 26th or Thursday 27th)
  • Booked a physical location (see Mat or Etienne)
  • Booked equipment (see Glenn) equipment includes:
    • projectors of different strength and resolution
    • flat screens of different sizes
    • sound speakers
    • media players
    • laptops,
    • directed lights,
    • mounting / nailing / hanging / etc.

If you would like to display your work on the flat screens in the foyer, please supply Glenn with:

  • Images in PNG format, at full HD res (1920x 1080 pixels)
  • Videos in full HD as a *.mp2 (video compression mp2, audio mp3)

Support from Glenn

Please note that Glenn will have a limited capacity to help people setup. Most years, about 1/3 of students don’t get any help from Glen.

Setup / tear down

If you have booked to display on Wednesday 26th, please complete your setup by 11am that Wednesday (use monday and tuesday setup). Tear down at noon (or confirm with Mat and Etienne if your work has been marked).

If you have booked to display on Thursday 27th, please complete your setup by noon Thursday (use wed noon-4pm and thursday morning). Tear down at 5pm (or confirm with Mat and Etienne if your work has been marked).

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! don't forget to take some time to walk around and enjoy all the work.

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