Week 7: Cinematic Language and Camera Movement


The lecture looks at the development of camera movement in conventional motion picture films. It explores how different camera movement have been used to direct and manipulate the audience’s gaze as well as express film characters’ psychological states. We examine how the cinematic language has been pushed and expanded with the experimental and innovative use of camera movement in works such as The Blair Witch Project, Being John Malkovich, Gus van Sant’s death trilogy, Richard Linklater’s Slacker and the more recent Birdman. We ask questions how can the cinematic language be further challenged by new machine vision brought about by new technologies such as Drones.

Lecture links: http://aaronlburton.com/uowmeda101w7.html


This workshop

  • examines the differences between composing for stills and movement
  • analyses how conventional cinematic language conveys different meanings through the use of camera movements
  • introduces storyboarding as technique to bring together

Exercise: Storyboading
What is a storyboard? What does it do?
Have a look at the following examples and identify the different communication techniques, visual and written notations, and formats used.

Exercise: Camera Movement
What are the lexicons of basic camera movements ?
What are the equipment used to create these shots?
What do these movements convey?

In a group of 3, choose one example from the list and analyse the use of camera movements:
Break down the scene or sequence into individual shots
Sketch out each shot, add a brief description
Hand over to your classmate to create a shot list
Present to class

Exercise: Making the camera move
Take your storyboard and replicate the scene shot by shot.
Do NOT enter restricted areas in or around the campus. Please follow OHS policies.
Edit your footage and present to class.

Upload exercises to your blog.
Complete Assessment 2 project for submission.

Reminder: MID-SESSION RECESS next week, there will be NO CLASSES

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