Workshop Week 2

Exercise 1: Where I’m From

Read and research George Ella Lyon’s approach to making poetry inspired by one’s origins. Concoct your own list, and cast it as a piece of poetry, designed to inspire your Remoscope.

Exercise 2: Image Analysis

In a group of 2, select one of the following images and discuss the following:

Without looking up references online, describe the image by analysing the following:

  • Composition
  • Framing and distance (e.g. Close up)
  • Depth/ picture plane
  • Lighting
  • Colour
  • Focus/ de-focus (including the use of depth of field)
  • Material used
  • Effects (use of filters, analogue or digital manipulation etc.)

Then answer the following questions:

  • What place or space(s) is being depicted in the photograph?
  • Is the photograph part of a series?
  • What does the image remind you of? Is it referencing an existing work or visual images (e.g. a painting, a historical view, an everyday view)?
  • What kind of feelings does the image impart? In what ways do they does it do this (e.g. framing, contrast, textures,
  • What kind of concepts do they convey? How do you think these ideas are encoded/ convey in the visual images?
  • How does the material used in creating the image influence the quality of the image and how we experience it?

1. James Tylor, One Mile WA, 2014 from Postcards from the Frontier series, Box Brownie camera.

2. Ed Rusha,Standard, Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, 1962, from Twenty Six Gas Station series, Silver Gelatin Print.

3. Trent Parke, Shark Bay WA, 2006, from Welcome to Nowhere series, C-type Print.

4. Jeff Wall, The Storyteller, 1986, Silver dye bleach transparency in light box.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 1.58.20 pm

5. Megan Jenkinson, Morell’s island

6. Martha Rosler, Seattle Stripes, 1991 from the In the Place of the Public:Airport Series.

7. Alan Sekula, Panorama. Mid-Atlantic, November 1993, from Fish Story 1989–95.

8.Greg Girand, Shanghai Falling (Fuxing Lu Demolition), 2002 from the book Phantom Shanghai, Medium format transparency.

9. Hiroshi Sugimoto, Revolution 001, 1990, Gelatin silver print.

Gleick-Information-Excerpt-1-7 (James Gleich, The Information)

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