10W: Presenting your work

[Martin Molin’s detailed documentation of the making of his instrument: the music box here shows a demanding iterative process.]

As we go into further iterations of your project in week 10, see how you can respond to your experiences, positive outcomes, ‘failures’ of your  and comments generated from discussions in the previous weeks.

I would also like to build on some protocols, codes or ground rules that allow your teams to work more collaboratively. It is important that you find a way to work together. Assigning roles according to expertise or interests may work well. Remember that the objective is to explore the questions you are asking through practice. If you feel that the project needs to split into different streams of experimentation – it is important that you do this, allowing your team to present 2 or 3 experiments in one week.

Please remember to bring all your media and materials to class to work on in order to maximise your workshop time.

As a reminder, collaborative teams as listed as below.

Expressing Digitality: Textuality and Expression
Briana Williams, Lily, Teagan, Kate, Josh P, Kristine, Gabrielle

Multisensory Interaction: Light, Shadows and Displacement
Shaun, Joel, Banisha, Briana Wallace, Nathan

(Re)configuring Spacetime: Story-telling through Sound, Image, and Interaction
Meghan, Joel, Ahn, Clare, Kade
Maya, Jasmine, Jane, Kayla, Madeleine
Sam, Sonny, David, Steph, Chelsea, Chole S
Mackenzie, Robert, Will, Chloe I
Jade, Izel, Isabel, Hugh, Matthew L

Generativity: Difference and Repetition
Peta, Mia, Joe, Joanna, Paniti, Jordan

Molin is the key member of the Swedish band Wintergarten. He is well known for inventing musical instruments that performs his compositions. The best known is probably the Marble Machine. He has also gained a following on the detailed video documentation of his making and tutorials on his working processes. The music box (above) uses ‘punch card’ music roll that can be ‘programmed’. At the end of his tutorial, he asks if anyone would be interested in mechanising the laborious hole-punching process and this is what happened…

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