12W Reviewing

In this session, we introduced a number of methods and strategies which should be now at your disposal:

  • Research
  • Material thinking
  • Iteration/ reflection
  • Collaboration/ jamming

If you feel stuck or that your experiments have lost direction in the past weeks, it is now time to review and reflect. Go back to:

  • the research that you have done on the theme you are exploring (weeks 7 & 8)
  • what are the questions you asking (week 8)
  • critically reflect on your experiments: what worked and what didn’t and why (weeks 7 – 9)
  • what are your individual experiments (weeks 10 – 11)

This week, I would like your team to split to produce 2 or more experiments. These differing directions can be a result of a (collegial) disagreement on the results of the above review. Again these directions need not be conflictual, in fact, it would be interesting to aim to position them in dialogue.

The existing teams are as follows:

Expressing Digitality: Textuality and Expression

Briana Williams, Lily, Kristine
Teagan, Gabrielle
Josh P

Multisensory Interaction: Light, Shadows and Displacement
Shaun, Joel, Banisha, Briana Wallace, Nathan

(Re)configuring Spacetime: Story-telling through Sound, Image, and Interaction
Meghan, Josh, Ahn, Stephanie, Kade
Maya, Jasmine, Jane, Kayla, Madeliene
Sam, Sonny, David, Steph, Chelsea, Chloe S
Mackenzie, Robert, Will, Chloe I
Jade, Hugh
Izel, Isabelle

Generativity: Difference and Repetition
Peta, Mia, Joe, Joanna, Paniti, Jordan


Carry on Jamming

Below are some resources that came to mind in response to the experiments that were put up last week (think of this as another way I am jamming with you):

In response to experiments by Teagan, Gabrielle, Kate and Josh P

In response to experiments by Jane, Kayla, Madeliene + Jade, Hugh, Izel, Isabelle

In response to experiments by Jade, Hugh, Izel, Isabelle

In response to experiments by Sam, Sonny, Steph, Chelsea and Chloe S

In response to the experiment of Shaun, Banisha, Briana Wallace, and Nathan

In response to the experiments of Peta, Mia, Joe, Joanna, Paniti, and Jordan


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