13: The Finishing Line

Jim Campbell, Light Topography (Jane’s Pool), 2014

In this final week, we look forward to seeing all the tests and work-in-progress put up for review. This is the last opportunity to present your projects for critical feedback and comments. These iterations provide essential steps for your project development.  Documentation and reflection of these steps should be incorporated into your process journal (assessment 2).

The aim in this final class is for Mat and I to respond to all your projects – as tests or trials set up physically, not verbal reports on where the work is at. So please bring all your materials to class.

MEDA102 students will be setting their project works for assessment in this final week from Wednesday. We need to ensure that the gallery and blackbox spaces are clear and tidy for their assessment. So please pack up all your project materials and equipment after class. You may be able to store large items on site but you must discuss this with Glenn.


Tuesday 15th November 9am – 2pm
Digital Media Centre

  1. Finalise equipment booking with Glenn
  2. Finalise allocation of space in the DMC.
  3. Check that your blog address here is correct.
  4. Check assessment outlines here and here.
  5. Check install and assessment details here.

Grad Show

  1. Read the final edits of your statements here.
  2. Ensure that the works (stills) you included are named and dated or that you have provided a listing of the works included.
  3. Please give your $60 contribution to Emily Gegg, if you have not already done so.
  4. Finalise your allocation in building 25 with Jo.
  5. Finalise your equipment booking with Jo.


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