Week 12: Dark Night of the Soul

In this second last week of session, you will continue to test your projects through presenting your trials and work-in-progress. If you have not spoken/ discussed your work with your tutor in the past 2 weeks, make sure you do today.

Final Assessment (full details here)

Media Arts Project (50%)

Place: Digital Media Centre (Gallery, Blackboxes, Class rooms), iC
Install period:
 8 November to 13 November 2017 (excluding weekends)
Assessment date: 14 November 2017
De-install: 4pm 14 November 2017

Critical Reflection Portfolio (25%)

Due date: 14 November 2017 11.59pm

Equipment and Allocation of space:
I would like the Curatorial Team (Chloe, Meg, Steph, Clare, Lily, Anh, Nathan) to begin collecting information from students about the equipment and spatial requirement this week.

Please print out and complete the following proforma and hand this back to a member of the Curatorial Team. The team and meet up with Jo before the end of the class to discuss.

Grad show update: SCOPE

Catalogue content

The following needs to be done by the end of today:

Create a folder with your name (Surname_Firstname) in the shared google folder (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9_vba57mNcybTc0c2laNnhzb00?usp=sharing ? you may need to request permission).

Jasmine has taken the headshots of everyone and has uploaded them to here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxEHzEv7yXuUVGw5bTZ4eWVfNlk (Thank you, Jasmine and Chantelle)


  1. copy your headshot into your folder 
  2. upload 3 jpg images resolution 150 dpi, dimensions 2000 pixels of your works with details (title, year, medium, dimension/ duration)
  3. create a Googledoc of your statement (100 max)
Site visit

Curatorial Team plus participating students in the Grad Show who can come. Please meet in the front foyer of building 25 on Wednesday 18 October at 12.30pm. We will go through some of the spaces where your graduating works will be exhibited.


Fundraising Team to update.


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