Assessment 2: Digital coding

Marked out of 100 – 35 %

Create a Processing sketch that translates the selected two dimensional art or design work into a digital execution. This may or may not be a continuation of your first assignment.

The completed sketch can be static or dynamic. Supply your sketch’s written code (in Processing) along with your exported Processing sketch on your personal subject blog. It is essential to include extensive comments throughout your written code to demonstrate your understanding of Processing. Borrowing from existing software is permitted but you must limit borrowed code to less than 30% of your total sketch. Wholesale copy of code is easily identified and will be penalised.

Write a 150-word statement that explains how your sketch chose to abstract a visual pattern or design as well as how your experiment relates to relevant research and media artworks discussed in the lectures and workshops.

Due Date:
Week 9  (link posed to submission post before mid-night)

Processing sketch, source code, and statement (150 words) embedded into an entry on your personal blog.

Assessment Criteria:
Depth and breadth of research engagement with lecture and workshop materials, and relevant references.

Quality of code and comments in the Processing sketch.

Execution of concept in response to abstraction process in Processing sketch.

Submission Method:
Electronic submission via

Must Attempt: Yes
This means that if you do not submit a work, a Technical Fail will be automatically generated for your grade in this subject.