Assessment 3: Project Final Presentation

Marked out of 100 – 40 %

For this individual project, you are asked to explore the theme, ‘the nature of curiosity’. The final work responds to this theme by exploring the use of electronic art, which may include physical computing, interactivity design, and/or audio-visual elements. It is vital that the work and its presentation consider audience experience. In response to the critique of your prototype, you may need to deepen your investigation, broaden your exploration, and consider the feedback received as well as your own experiences in bringing your project to completion. For this assessment point, you will install and present your completed project as a class accompanied by a written artist statement (200 words max) that contextualises you work in relation to contemporary media arts practice, and the aesthetic debates focusing on interaction and participation.

Planning is an important part of your project’s final presentation. Discuss your project with your tutor as it develops as well as present your progress to class in the later part of the session. You will find it useful to document your project’s research, conceptual development, and draft plans (e.g. advanced prototype/ model, diagram, drawings, photographs, equipment list, spatial requirement etc.) in your blog for these discussions.

Due Date:
Week 15 TBC

Exhibition of artwork/ installation/ performance
Artist statement (200 words) presented with the artwork

Assessment Criteria:
Research engagement and application of relevant materials and discussions through the session
What is the range of materials used in the development of the project? What is the quality of the critical analyses of relevant media arts works and their contexts? How well is this research applied in the development of the work?

Articulation of concept and project development in response to the set theme and relevant ideas
How well is the central concept explored articulated in the final work in terms of its use of materials and technologies? How is its response to the set theme and related ideas realised in the final work?

Evidence of exploration of experimentation of media and materials in the final work
What kind of understanding of media and materials is evident in the final work? How has audience experience been explored in the work? How does put conceptual development, knowledge and skills into practice?

Functionality of the final work and effectiveness in how presentation addresses participatory audience experience
What is the quality of audience experience? How is this aspect incorporated into the final work and its presentation? What is the quality of the presentation?

Submission Method:
Exhibition of artwork accompanied by written statement

Must Attempt: Yes
This means that if you do not submit a work, a Technical Fail will be automatically generated for your grade in this subject.

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