Week 10: Subverting Cinematic Conventions


This lecture provides an overview of film works, movements and experimentation that deliberately challenge Hollywood narrativeĀ  cinema. This includes the French New Wave (Jean Luc Godard, Francios Truffaut, Chris Marker), New York underground (Andy Warhol, John Waters) and contemporary artist cinema (Matthew Barney, Shrin Neshat, Stan Douglas, Tacita Dean). This broad overview shows how cinematic practice is far from fixed, rather it is opened to new forms through continual experimentation. This lecture introduces the focus of a 200 level Media Arts subject MEDA201.

Lecture links: www.aaronlburton.com/uowmeda101_w10.htm

  • This workshop:

    • looks at the role of post-production in a conventional production
    • introduce some techniques used in post-production (such as colour grading, sound-sweetening)
    • provides students time to work on their projects, and consult with tutors