Balnaves Contemporary Art Intervention @ NGA

Launched in 2018, the Balnaves Contemporary Intervention Series is a multi-year commissioning platform which provides leading artists with the opportunity to present innovative works not previously deemed possible. Delivered in partnership with The Balnaves Foundation, this ambitious program challenges artists to reinterpret familiar locations and reimagine the concept of what a gallery can be. A central aspect of the NGA’s renewed focus on contemporary art practice; these interventions will engage and excite as art experiences transform spaces throughout the gallery.

Sarah Contos transforms the NGA foyer into a cinematic experience in which film references are pulled apart and reinterpreted using an array of materials and mediums. Contos suggests her installation ‘has a 1980s nostalgic flavour and a 1920s fervour. The vibe is… an overfilled raspberry coke slushy… looking backwards at a projector in a movie theatre… heavily sequinned pyjamas… a crushed can in the gutter.’

Be bombarded by decadent mobiles dripping from the ceiling. Discover characters and props collaged with iridescent, suspended textiles and fleshy sculptural forms. Throw caution to the wind and lose yourself within Contos’ dramatic and provocative ‘motion picture’.


Log in to Jess Johnson and Simon Ward’s Terminus—an immersive ‘world within a world’ where dimensional realities exist in both physical and virtual space. In Terminus, Ward collaborates with Johnson to reimagine her densely layered 2D artworks as hypnotic animated video and unique virtual reality experiences.

Positioned within an elaborate floor map, five virtual reality stations act as portals into five different realms. Take a journey through a wormhole into worlds where the connections between language, science fiction, culture and technology are explored.


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