Final assessment planning

Please complete this document: Major-project-form 

Here is a list of equipment at our disposal: MEDA301 Equipment.  Please try to identify exactly which items you would like to use and why.

Please email the completed document to as soon as possible.

Note that if your work consists of a single screen video with stereo sound we will watch it on the large projector. There is no need for you to install it elsewhere. Please provide Glenn or myself with the final video file by Monday 18 June 4pm. I recommend using a high quality video compression format and submit it on either a fast USB stick or Blu-ray disc. 

If your work is a single screen video with stereo sound and a single large projection is not how you would ideally like it installed then please come to the assessment day prepared to explain the ideal exhibition form and why. Consider adding a post to your blog about final display constraints and what an ideal installation would look like – i.e. dimensions of space, type of screen/projection, looped or scheduled, seated or carpeted, and so on.

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