Internships and Work Experience for 3rd Year Media Arts Students

Hi 3rd Year….

I’ve approached iAccelerate to ask for companies who might use a media arts intern and the reponse was massive. See the below pdf for more information.

Most companies are looking for people with skills in writing, media content creation, and social media. Even if you are not interested in ‘Social Media’ – these opportunities will often also require video making, design, and much much more….

Some are looking for employees – others suggested they might be in the near future. Some others are just really interesting companies needing help for media creation projects immediately (Planet Footprint have an interesting video project needing production which would be great on a show reel – Evolve Communities seems like a really fascinating project to get involved with).

I have more detailed information from Screen Dopamine, Planet Footprint, Rooland and Healthready – contact me directly if you’d like to see more…. or just contact the company directly.

Go! First in best dressed…



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