Assessment 3: Major project (MEDA201 2018)

Marked out of 100 – 40%

Research and analyse a work/ work series by one of the artists/ filmmakers studied in this subject. Create a screen-based work as a critical response to this work or work series. Your response can be conceptual, structural, and/or formal. Rather than a ‘re-make’ of an existing work, your response should establish a critical dialogue with the artist/ artwork you analyse.

The medium or a combination of media you choose to use does not have be the same as the work you are responding to, but your choice of media needs to be demonstrably critical and confluent with the ideas you are exploring. How your final work is executed and exhibited (e.g. as an installation, with an interactive component, or single-channel screen work etc.) will also be a significant component of this assessment.

Your project should be conceptually driven and its execution responds to formal exploration of the medium(/media) you choose to work with. What are the characteristics of the medium(/media) you work with? What are the possibilities and limitations? What formal devices (e.g. framing, editing, camera movement, lighting etc.) that can be used to investigate the main concern? How can you make use of these specificities to explore your ideas?

You may also research into contemporary artworks that share similar concerns. The topics covered in the lectures and workshops should help guide the development of your project. The exhibition format must be discussed with your tutor in relation to your research and concept as the project develops.

Spaces for installation and performance works will be allocated. Equipment needs must be discussed with your tutor well in advance and will be restricted by availability. Methods of screening single-channel works (e.g. linear screening, or public projection loop) should also be canvased. Students will be responsible for installing and dismantling the works. You must consult with your tutor prior to installation and comply with the occupation health and safety policies set out by the Faculty.

Due Date
Exam week 1 Wednesday 13th June 2016 9.00 EST

Exhibition of Work
Artist statement (100 – 150 words)

Assessment Criteria

  • Depth and breadth of research and analysis
  • Execution of concept
  • Exploration of medium
  • Exhibition and presentation

Submission Method
Exhibition and presentation of work

Subject Learning Outcome Addressed
This assessment task addresses Subject Learning Outcomes:

  1. Articulate a developing critical understanding of the history and contemporary practice of experimental screen based Media Arts.
  2. Engage in experimental film, video and screen based production techniques.
  3. Produce critically engaged experimental screen media work.