Guest Lecture: E x p a n d e d C i n e m a

REMINDER: Please meet in the DMC Gallery at 12.30pm.

Teaching and Learning Cinema guest lecture

In the 1960s and 70s, artists began re-imagining cinematic form by expanding its experience beyond the bounds of the filmstrip, which up to that point had been one of cinemas’ defining elements. Further experimenting with the conditions of presentation as well as interrogation of the technological apparatus (of projection, for example) saw the field merge with sculpture, theatre and performance art as part of this trope. In many cases the filmmaker and/or spectator became part of this cinematic experience who actively intervene and interact with the apparatus. The works then were more about the live ‘here and now’ experience and hence much more ephemeral than traditional cinematic presentation.

This week we will be welcoming Louise Curham and Dr. Lucas Ihlein to present an iconic work of Expanded Cinema canon. Louise and Lucas are engaged in an ongoing project of re-enactments from Expanded Cinema, carried out under Teaching and Learning Cinema (TLC), where they research and document each work, including primary source interviews with original artists.

Louise and Lucas will be discussing the work of TLC whose re-enactments are making an invaluable contribution to a contemporary understanding of Expanded Cinema and cinematic arts on the whole. Please familiarise yourself with their work and processes on website in preparation of this guest lecture.


Lucas Ihlein performing (Wo)man with Mirror.


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