Workshop 05: Project Presentation

A Certain Frame Work 3 (detail of video still; 2017), Su-Mei Tse.

In week 5, you will present your Experimental Film Project to class for critique. We will also look at the requirement for Research Essay and begin exploring the Major Project.

Practical: Experimental Film Project presentation and critique

Present your work to class with a brief introduction (or conclusion). Address the Experimental film project assessment criteria as follows:

  • Depth and breadth of research
    • What have you looked at?
    • What other works inspired you?
    • Are there any contemporary applications of this kind of technique you found useful?
  • Exploration and experimentation of medium
    • What techniques have you explored/ experimented with?
    • What worked well for you?
    • Why did you pursue the techniques you used?
  • Execution of concept
    • What are the main concepts/ themes you explored?
    • How have these techniques (including editing) have convey your themes/ concepts?

Invite the class to critique to your work: what is the most successful part of the work? what may need further development?

Document comments in a blog post.

Remaining assessments

Have a thorough read of the two remaining assessment in the subject:

What are the objectives? What are the requirements?

Tasks (outside of class):

Discuss: the moving image

What are some of the conceptual/ aesthetics considerations when constructing an image?

  • Subject
  • framing/ composition
  • depth of field
  • Colour
  • ‘feel or mood’
  • lighting/ light source

What are the some of the technical considerations?

  • focus
  • aperture/ exposure
  • shutter speed
  • shooting format
  • aspect ratio
  • camera movement: hand-held, stationary, tracking, panning, zooming etc.

What do these factor affect the image quality and what they convey?

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