Workshop 13: Major Project Review


In the final workshop, we will review your major project. Please ensure you bring your work-in-progress to consult with your tutor. You can use the time for production and testing (equipment, set-up, and installation).

Spaces and equipment are in the final stages of being allocated. It is very important for all students who are doing installation works to check their allocated space and equipment. This is your last chance to confirm these details. If you were absent from last week, it is unlikely you would have been allocated space or equipment. Please ensure you contact your tutor immediately.

Final space and equipment allocations will be posted here shortly.

Major project submission details:


Deadline: Wednesday 14th June 9.00 am

Please submit your digital file to the ‘MEDA201_2017_Major_Project’ folder on a designated hard drive/ computer before 9.00am on Wednesday 14th June. You will be able to submit your screenworks from Tuesday 6th June to Tuesday 13th June. (see Glenn for this. In fact he has a USB prepared for this) On the due date, the hard drive will move to the iC Lecture Theatre (233.G.01).

Using the codec H.264 in an MP4 container generally works, but you need to check that you are happy with the quality of the playback by testing this prior to submission. In the past, some file formats had issues with playback, so it is also advisable to check that the file plays after you copy it to the submission folder.

Remember to include your artist statement with your digital file (100 – 150 words) – this can be a simple digital text file.

Don’t forget to name your file! You can name your file as follows:


Notes for students sharing set ups:

If your project will be shown on a set up with other students, you will need to submit your works to Glenn and let him know which USB they should be added to. This is for students who are showing a single screen work, are showing work on the two screen corner set up (gallery), on the foyer screens, or shared installations (that have already been negotiated with your tutors).

Please follow the naming conventions for files:



The project playlist names are labelled:












Installation works:

Install period: Tuesday 6th June to Tuesday 13th June from 9.00am – 4.00pm (excluding weekend & Public Holiday).

Deadline: All installation of artworks must be completed before Wednesday 14th June 9.00am.

As Monday 12th June is a public holiday, the DMC will not be opened. You are strongly advised that you have your work ready by Friday 9th June. It is fine to put some finishing touches to your work on Tuesday 13th but please do not plan to set up and install that day.

Along with your installation don’t forget your artist statement. (100 – 150 words) – please provide this as a printed panel next to your installation.

Un-install period: Wednesday 14th June 2.00pm – 4.00pm. Please ensure you un-install during this time,

MEDA301 students will need to begin installing their final assessment on Thursday 15th June. Please speak with Peter or Boni in advance if alternative arrangement needs to be discussed. Penalties may apply if you do not show up to remove installation and return equipment.

REMINDER: Equipment specs


The 2 screen corner projector is 2 x NEC.

In general, the QUMI units are HD – 1280×720. Most of the NECs are 1024×768, though two are 1280×720. The BenQ is FullHD 1920×1080.

All media should be in MP4 container format (H264 video codec, MP3 or AAC audio codec).

Main BENQ projector (for single screen works that require scale):

Deliver files as:


USB’s formatted for:

FAT32 Formatted USB’s work best on the Qumi’s.

QUMI units are HD – 1280×720

The Qumi projectors also support playback of the following formats: DivX, H.264, MPEG-4, WMV.


2 way splitter only, not 3.

Can play multiple projects w USB inserted into back of Kogan screens, not exactly syncable but will work fine.  For these ss Fadilla and Ella, make sure that you have 3 USB’s and they are in labelled clearly, they can either be shared USB’s or just in envelopes placed with the 3 screen set-up.


MPEG 2 Format, Not .mov, files must have audio channels to function.

In order to play a video file on the Digital Photo frames, students will need to export their file out of Premiere using the following specs:


– 1024X768 or 720×576 (4:3 format)

– 25fps / PAL

On export, you will need to click the Export Video and Export Audio box.


These will run off the PC in the gallery space.  All common file types will function.



  1. Assessment will take place between 9.30am and 2.00pm on Wednesday 14th June.
  2. On the assessment panel are Peter Humble and Jo Law
  3. Performances (if any) will be assessed first.
  4. You are encouraged to have a look at all the works in the spaces and participate. As the major project has been a big part of this session, the exhibition provides an important and, hopefully, enjoyable conclusion to the subject. You are free to invite your friends, not enrolled in the subject, to come and view the works. But please be mindful of the assessment process underway.
  5. Volunteers are needed to document the works for our subject archives.

Assessment criteria

Your work will be assessed according to the following criteria. Please consider the following:

  1. Depth and breadth of research and analysis
    Does your work demonstrate research into the concepts, artworks, artists? What is the degree of engagement with analyses into the concepts and medium/ media used? Have you looked at the artwork in some depth? Have you thought about its concept, methodology, production processes, interrogation of the medium etc.? Are you  responding to these aspects in your own work? How are you doing this?
  2. Execution of concept
    What is the central concept of your? How is this coming through in your work? How has the conceptual development and exploration affected the final form of the work?
  3. Exploration and experimentation of medium
    Why did you choose to work with these forms? What are you exploring with the medium/ media chosen? What decisions did you make in choosing the presentation format you use? Is your work a result of formal experimentation with the medium/ media?
  4. Exhibition and presentation
    How does your work look? How is it presented? How does the physical form of your work relate to your concept?


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