Lecture 2: Aesthetics, Affect, and Material Presence

What constitutes experience? How does our sensory perception translate the physicality of the outside world into information that we can make sense of?

In “‘Landscapism’ At the Speed of Light Darkness and Illumination in Motion”, Tim Edensor and Hayden Lorimer explore the embodied experience of darkness and illumination within landscapes. In analysing media art works that situate outside of gallery space, the authors locate “the ways in which this landscape-responsive event can sharpen the thinking about embodied experience of nocturnal landscapes and atmospheres.”

In multi-sensory artworks, artists and participants must negotiate amongst other material aspects, different types of sensory inputs. By denying the often dominant visual sense, artworks have the power to re-assert other senses and sensations.

In this lecture, we explore the established practices of James Turrell and Maya Lin in how they employ a multitude of senses to creative affective experiences. We will also examine the contemporary works of Scenocosme and Foo/Skou in how the use of electronic media is incorporated into art and design works with the aim to producing meaningful interactive experiences.

Download MEDA202_lecture02_slides.

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