Lecture 3: Exploring the Materiality of Sound 

In our third lecture, we move our focus to sound. What is the materiality of sound? How do we describe the different kinds of sound we hear or sense? We begin by revisiting sound’s place in media arts history from the early modernists to the New York avant-garde. The advent of electronic means of producing sound and music can be traced through musique concrete, the compositions of Karlheinz Stockhausen, to the works of Nam June Paik. This lecture highlights the turning points that consolidate sound as an expressive medium.

We will also examine the contemporary practices of Joyce Hinterding in her exploration of capturing the inaudible sound around us, and Peter Flemming in his experimentation with material resonance. Both Nigel Helyer’s and Katie Paterson’s works tell stories of environments through sounds of materials. We will explore the materiality of sound through this exploration.

Download MEDA202_lecture03_slides_upload

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