Lecture 9 System and Transformation

In this lecture, we will keep our focus on objects, but instead of looking at objects, as we did week, we will look at class of things. We will examine the systems we use to categorise found objects and organise them into collections. Specifically, we will analyse how da wunderkammer, the contemporary museum, and artworks arrange objects and build knowledge.

Our focus will be on the physical display and presentation of material objects and the different systems that produce different experiences for an audience – different forms of engagement.

We will look at the artworks of Joseph Cornell, Mark Dion, and Fiona Hall in how these re-work the wunderkammer or museum concept, but more importantly, how they function to transform our knowledge through materials.

Again, this lecture will provide the relevant contexts for the major project of the subject – in addressing its theme.

Download MEDA202_lecture09_slides

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