Lecture 10 Architecture and Immersion

In this week’s lecture we shift our focus to how we experience space. When we walk around a new building, we explore the interior spaces through our senses, we may chance upon entrances and exits, we may be guided through passages and corridors, we experience built spaces intuitively. Architecture is movement in space and passage through time and there are no still moments. Inhabiting within architecture is a designed experience – it can be immersive.

What can we learn from architecture to create meaningful and affective experiences in media artworks? To continue the theme that arose from last week’s lecture, we will explore the possibility of media arts in creating spaces and systems that are capable of inspiring transformation.

This lecture examines practices of artists, architects and designers including Dan Graham, Olafur Eliasson, Tomás Sarareno and Fujiko Nakaya in how they incorporate environmental thinking into embodied experiences. We examine how the use of space, technologies and materials in constructing systems, can enable artists and designers to produce wonderful / wondrous experiences that engage us and transform our view of the world.

Download MEDA202_lecture10_slides

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