Workshop 12: Planning and more testing!

You will be focus on planning and testing your work-in-progress in this week’s workshop. Please ensure you have your work in class to test. Black boxes will be available for use in testing any components.

Your tutors will be working on the draft space allocation in class based on the information you provide us using the Project Planning Pro forma.


  1. Finalise the design for completing your works to present in class for a final review next week.
  2. Conducting testing in class including how you intend to install the work (e.g. do you need a powerpoint).
  3. Plan what equipment and space you will need for the final presentation of the work for assessment (exam week 1/ week 15).
  4. Collate your research and begin to draft your artist statement.


Janet Echelman’s works (above) and the media artworks below use a variety of tangible and intangible materials to create experiences that engage the audience.

Have a closer look at these works and the artists/ designers’ intentions and processes. Think about:

  1. What are the materials used: technological, tangible (has substance) and intangible (has no substance)?
  2. How are intangible materials used/ controlled to create experience in particular space, light, and sound?
  3. If mechanical or programmable technologies are used, how do they relate to tangible materials to create the experience?

You will also have your own references and existing works that you are looking at to guide to you in creating your major project. It is important that you examine how materials (including technological and intangible materials) are brought together to create an experience that engages the audience. Analysing these works here may help you with formalising your project, and articulating your own choice of materials (and how you use them),

Olafur Eliasson, Multiple Shadow House, 2010

Olafur Eliasson, Multiple Shadow House, 2010

Tomas Saraceno, On Space Time Foam' Exhibition, 2012

Tomas Saraceno, On Space Time Foam’ Exhibition, 2012

Kitty Kraus, Untitled (Speigellampe), 2011

Kitty Kraus, Untitled (Speigellampe), 2011


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