MEDA302 Final Assessment: Space and Equipment Allocation

Media Arts Project (50%)

Place: Digital Media Centre (Gallery, Blackboxes, Class rooms), iC
Install period:
 8 November to 13 November 2017 (excluding weekends) 9am – 4pm
Assessment date: 14 November 2017
De-install: 4pm 14 November 2017

Please DO NOT install your work on Assessment day. Your work will not be marked.

Space allocation

We have 28 installation works to fit into the spaces we have. Please do your best and work with others near your allocated area to resolve the best use of space for your work.

Gallery and Foyer

Single screen works can use G.05, please copy your work onto to the Thumb drive provided (collected from Glenn).

If you are allocated on the existing screens in the foyer, you will need to speak with Glenn in terms of file formats and delivery. DO NOT leave this to the last minute.

Black boxes, Corridor, and Courtyard

DMC_space allocation_MEDA302_2017

Equipment allocation

Download this equipment allocation sheet and have a look at the equipment allocated to you. This is based on what you requested on the Proforma you completed.

You need to note the following:

  • while equipment (video projectors, media players, lights, plinths etc.) is allocated, there is no specific type assigned to each student. Specific types of equipment will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you are after a particular type of video projector/ plinth, I would advise you to begin your install early to secure what you need.
  • Spot lights are assigned to students who requested them. There is not enough for each student to have one for your project description. If you need a spot light,but have not requested one, you will need to wait till the end of your install to work out what is available.


Major work presented appropriately for exhibition. Your presentation needs to be of high standard. This means for installation, your work is:

  • is properly installed (no safety hazards e.g.cords are taped down, no hanging wires)
  • has accompanied by a project statement (150 – 200 words) appropriately formatted and displayed with the final work

For single screen works, your work will:

  • be of an appropriate screen resolution
  • have screen titles and credits
  • have project statements appropriately formatted as a screen program sheet

All students will present a 5 min oral introduction to their works. A schedule will be posted up closer to time.

Assessment Criteria:

  • Conceptual sophistication: how ideas are developed and engaged in the work
  • Technical execution: functionality and suitability of the technical medium/ media chosen to deliver the final work
  • Engagement of chosen medium/ media: depth of exploration in directing how media and materials are used in the final work
  • Developmental process: quality of research and development that brings the project to fruition
  • Suitability of the mode of exhibition in presenting the final work

Assessment outline


4pm 14 November 2017

We aim to complete assessment by 4pm. Please be present to de-install and pack up your work and equipment (as instructed) ready for transportation to main campus for the Grad Show.

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