Week 11: How we organise ourselves

What Media Art does? Alva Noë argues that art shows up the way we organise ourselves.

Your media art project piece asks questions (your research question) about stuff you notice. Your work may show up the way we live our lives, how we use technologies, how we relate to each other, how we organise ourselves.

There are many ways to do this and a question may take different forms. For example, this may be a documentary, a short film, an installation, a photo series, an interactive experience.

Your work asks a question – it is not to solve a world’s problem – it simply draws our attention to that problem.

Media Arts Project (50%)

Place: Digital Media Centre (Gallery, Blackboxes, Class rooms), iC
Install period:
8 November to 13 November 2017 (excluding weekends)
Assessment date: 14 November 2017
De-install: 4pm 14 November 2017


  • Major work presented appropriately for public exhibition
  • a project statement (150 – 200 words) appropriately formatted and displayed with the final work
  • a 5 min oral presentation

Assessment Criteria:

  • Conceptual sophistication: how ideas are developed and engaged in the work
  • Technical execution: functionality and suitability of the technical medium/ media chosen to deliver the final work
  • Engagement of chosen medium/ media: depth of exploration in directing how media and materials are used in the final work
  • Developmental process: quality of research and development that brings the project to fruition
  • Suitability of the mode of exhibition in presenting the final work

Assessment outline

Critical Reflection Portfolio (25%)

Due date: 14 November 2017 11.59pm

Format: Regularly updated blog entries with relevant embedded media content

Assessment Criteria:

  • Depth, breadth, quality and application of research materials incorporated throughout
  • Depth and quality of critical analyses of work processes, experiments, and work-in-progress
  • Cogency and clarity of writing to the reader
  • Critical reflection of own work: sensitivity to work processes, materials and responses that contribute to the completion of the final work

Submission Method:
All online content must be uploaded and completed by the due date. Links to individual student blogs must be accessible and provided on the subject blog.

Grad Show

Install period: Monday 20 November – Wednesday 22 November
Opening event: Friday 24 November 6 – 8pm
Exhibition period: Saturday 25 November – Thursday 13 December
De-install: Friday 14 December

Spaces in Creative Arts Building 25 on Main Campus (site visit in week 12)
Theatre Black Box 25.G18 (dark space)
Foundation space 25.G09 (white space)


Volunteering and helping out with the Grad Show will now be recognised by UOWx. UOWx can provide you with a record of acknowledgement of co-curricular activities at UOW. You can supply me (Jo) with your name and tasks you volunteered for and I will pass the information to add to the database. A UOWx transcript will be awarded to you upon graduation. More information see here:

Fundraising team:

(Shaun, Chelsea, Chantelle, Steph, Clare)

We are still short of funds for the opening event. Our Fundraising team is organising a BBQ fundraising event and requires your support.

The tentative day is Week 13 Tuesday 23 October (the last teaching week). We are hoping to capture Bachelor of Digital MEdia 100 level students, MEDA202 students as well as MEDA302 students and staff.

Please help out by suggesting butchers, bakeries and suppliers who may be happy to donate food for our course.

Website team:

(David A, Mckenzie, Jasmine, Hugh, Kate)

We now need to start organising the website/ online catalogue.

Shaun, Maya, and Ahn, please place all the portraits into this shared folder on Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9_vba57mNcybTc0c2laNnhzb00?usp=sharing (You may need to request shareing permission).

We also need everyone to place their blurb or artist/design statements (100 word max.) and 3 images of your works into the designated folder on Google Drive. You should have these materials from your first assignment.

The Website Team will need to liaise with the committees of graduating students from Visual Arts/ Design, and Design programs in terms of how the information will be organised. Design students will also be supplying the ‘brand’, ‘look and feel’, ‘colour scheme’ etc. We will be using a specific skin we purchased.

The Website Team will also be given access to the content on Google Drive and the WP site to begin uploading information. The team can determine workflow and processes.

Event team:

(Sonny,Jane, Kayla, Maya, Kade, Joanna)

We need to nominate a number of an external speakers in your field(s) for consideration. Can you please put together a list of three names for me by week 12?

I would also like the Event team to think about whether they would like to organise a prize for Media Arts. Five Visual Arts students are nominated for the National Graduate Show in Perth, and one Graphic Design student is awarded a year membership to the Australian Graphic Design Association.

We also need the team to complie a list of volunteers and people who have a RSA who are willing to help with the events (as volunteers with UOWx credits or as paid work).

Curatorial team:

(Chloe, Meg, Steph, Clare, Lily, Anh, Nathan)

The Curatorial Team will be responsible for organising the placement and installation of works in building 25 for the actual exhibition. You will be relied upon to draw up a list of requirement, technical equipment, and materials.

At this stage, in order to get an idea about the works in the Media Arts section, it will be helpful for the Curatorial Team to help edit the online catalogue content of MEDA302 students.

Marketing team:

(Briana, Binaisha, Harrison, Paniti, Nick, Nathan, Joanna, David, Noelle, Teagan)

At this stage, the main task for the Marketing team is to publicise the fundraising event. The team can also help with the online catalogue as well as tasks assigned to the event team.

The team will need to liaise with the Grad Show committee (Visual Arts and Visual Arts Design students).

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