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  1. Hiya! Im Em… a keen activist for the animals, trying to link absolutely every subject I study to the cause. I make music and love to create audio installations. I draw tattoo designs. I once bathed in a bath of food scraps in the name of art.

    • Hey Chris, are you cutting these NRL clips? Nice work. Can you provide a working URL to your wordpress site (public access)?

    • Hi Andrew, have your read Walter Benjamin’s essay on ‘The Storyteller’? Can you provide a working URL to your blog (public access)?

  2. Geoff Lee
    I am a young, eager filmmaker. I love being a storyteller who strives to produce quality cinematic films such as time-lapse, hyper lapse, filming and post production editing. After all, I enjoy the process filmmaking.

  3. https://angiesocial.wordpress.com/

    Angela Cullen; Jack of all trades, ( AKA Digital media student) I love editing and seeing a project that you’ve worked extremely hard to finish come together, especially if you didn’t think that project would pass but it ends up being “contemporary” 🙂

  4. Angus Rigby-Wild
    I feel the best way to choreograph a shoot is a to write a good and well detailed story. The shot says everything, from the character, to the mood, to the effect. My direction is somewhat of a dreamy affair, taking real world problems and expressing Irrational, out of world, abstract ideas and themes. These ideas usually start to appear when im listening to music.

    • I like that you call video a ‘corporate medium’ but I’m not sure they’ve stolen it from us yet! I look forward to seeing more of your video work. Love the mood of the two portraits on your blog.

    • Looking forward to seeing your images Blake. I’m still catching up with the whole Peter McKinnon / Casey Neistat phenomenon – they’ve definitely found their niche. But if you’re interested in Hollywood what about the award winning DOPs like Roger Deakins, John Seale, Emmanuel Lubezki, or Rachel Morrison?

    • Never stops working? That sounds horrible. I look forward to seeing your thoughts on installations and I wouldn’t stress about not knowing what you want to do yet. Identifying a field of practice doesn’t need to dictate your future, but I think it can greatly inform the shape of your next project.

    • I like your approach to filmmaking through the history of cinema. Just like those early images proved that horses left the ground, I like to think that all great works of film and photography ‘reveal’ something we do not already know.

    • Nice camera work Alex! I agree that editing is important to storytelling but I also think you’ve got to get the best material in order to edit. The Coen brothers purportedly storyboard every shot prior to shooting their films.

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