Week 11: Finding Forms to Abstract

This week focus on analysing computational works by asking ourselves:

  1. What has been abstracted?
  2. What do the procedures/instructions look like?
  3. What final form has those instructions given rise to?
  4. What is the fit between the source of the abstraction, and the result of the abstraction?


Analyse the work of:

  1. Richard Long27.-Richard-Long
  2. Antony Gormley
  3. BREATHING ROOM II[Antony Gormley, [1]Breathing Room III, 2010]
  4. [Maya Lin, Systematic Landscapes, 2009]

  5. [Lucas Samaras, Chair Transformation Number 20B, 1996]

  6. [Andy Warhol, Campbellā€™s Soup Cans, 1968] 54



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