Week 12: Project Work, Check List

This week, you decide which day you will install, and where. Installation choices are:

  1. Wednesday Week 13, between 9am and 2pm
  2. Thursday Week 13, between 9am and 2pm

Tear down must occur on Friday afternoon after 2pm.

You must consider how your work will be installed:

  1. Artist statement (printed on A4 / A5 paper, pinned to wall?),
  2. attachments to wall: pins, nails, other,
  3. lighting (down lights, flood light, spot light, etc.),
  4. plinths (may need to be repainted),
  5. placement of computers / laptops on ceiling grid,
  6. hanging devices (from ceiling),
  7. video projection material. etc.

Please make sure that you have booked your equipment requirements with Glenn.

If you are working with digital files (video, audio, etc.) you must use the appropriate format (and provide Glenn with a USB or SD card .. he can lend you one):

  1. VIDEO: H264 (MKV or MP4). any resolution up to Full HD
  2. AUDIO: MP# or Vorbis

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